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Guitar Lessons available in Brighton or in your home in the following areas:

Newton, Brookline, Brighton, Watertown, Cambridge

Do any of these sound like you?

I have no idea how to play the guitar
I get guitar tabs online, but have trouble using them
I can play guitar, but I can’t improvise my own solos
I’ve taken guitar lessons before, but I didn’t learn much

These are all common problems that most guitar players go through.  They are often the reasons why guitarist give up on playing long before they reach their desired level of playing.  With the guidance of an experienced guitar teacher you can break through the walls of frustration and become the guitar player you want to be.

“I would recommend Jeff to a friend on the basis that his lessons are very PERSONAL AND CUSTOM-TAILORED. If somebody wants to learn how to play a specific song, you can do that. If they want to learn how to improvise, you can do that. If they want to learn about jazz, or even reggae, you can do that. Jeff allows people to follow the specific path they want to pursue with their music.” Mitchell M

“I have worked with Jeff on and off since 2004.  He brought me from a minimal rock guitarist to a jazz guitarist which allowed me to attend the National Guitar Workshop Jazz Summits.  Jeff will always teach me what I want to know and he can answer every question I have.  I am always looking forward to my next lesson.  I would recommend Jeff to anyone.” Dean P

“Jeff’s teaching was crucial to my playing and after having him as an instructor, I realized the undiscovered PASSION I had for the guitar and music as a whole. After taking guitar lessons with Jeff, my my ear for figuring out music, picking out keys, and improvisation has DRASTICALLY IMPROVED. One of the most important things Jeff did for me personally was teach me to be more confident.  I was so self conscious about not being perfect when I played, especially during my improvisation.  After taking guitar lessons with Jeff, I now realize that I should try to be heard, and my musical skills have improved so much that I no longer need to worry about mistakes.  I got a well-rounded musical education from a well-rounded instructor.” Matt N

 The Benefits of Learning Guitar include:

Students learn to think creatively


Provides a means of self-expression

Music study enhances teamwork skills and discipline

Music study develops skills that are necessary in school and the workplace

Students learn the value of sustained effort

Lessons with Jeff are right for you if you’re looking to:

Learn your favorite songs


Improve your technique


Learn about improvising


Understand music theory better

Not sure private guitar lessons are right for you?  Check out my online course:

Guitar Fundametals For Beginners

As a teacher, I am committed to the continued study of the benefits of music.  Refinement of my teaching methods is a discipline I vigorously pursue. To learn more about the benefits of music check out these articles:

The benefits of music are long lasting and are a wonderful investment for you or your child.  Playing guitar is great for building social skills while also achieving personal goals.

“My son has been taking lessons from Jeff for over 3 years and he always comes out happy and excited about what he has learned.  Jeff has allowed him to choose songs he wants to learn while balancing that with what he needs to learn about music theory.” Lynda L

“I used to view guitar lessons as something that was very specific and had to be done a certain way.  Taking lessons with Jeff has changed that view, so now I see it as something where everyone learns their own way and at their own pace. My favorite thing about the lessons is that I get to learn about what I want to do with the guitar.  I’ve always wanted to play lead guitar with a focus on improvisational playing and in the lessons that’s mostly what I learn to do. Jeff has a UNIQUE and EFFECTIVE way of explaining musical things to someone who doesn’t know much about music and relating those things to something they know about.” Nick Z

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